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Sunday, July 05, 2015 9:59 AM

We deliver superior service and performance that can meet and exceed your outsourcing requirements. Our success is focus driven by our commitment to our clients and our investment in our people, our processes, and our technology.

At WASI we provide call center solutions to a diverse list of clients from both the nonprofit and for-profit sector. WASI has built a reputation for quality by delivering winning service results for each and every client with whom we partner. We serve many industries, from technology to financial services to healthcare.

Additionally, we provides a wide range of call center solutions, including media-driven and direct sales, customer cultivation and retention, business sales and lead generation.

See what WASI can do for you today. We offer custom, per-client evaluation and proof-of-model project opportunities with virtually zero risk.

What’s New

Sunday, July 05, 2015 9:59 AM

Mayor Presents Employer Award
The best laid plans are only as good as the people that implement them. WASI's committment to excellence starts with its hiring and training processes, and continues with responsible community involvement. Joining a select group of only 9 companies, WASI and its sister company, Specialty Network were awarded Employer of the Year by the Nebraska State Rehabilitation Council.

WASI Growth Continues
Building on a solid year, WASI continues their expansion with 50 new Communicators and announces plans to open another 100 station call center by the end of the year. WASI delivers the value of focused partner services with consistent quarterly growth and solid returns for clients.